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Roku Ultra and x265 playback

I recently upgraded my device to an ultra from the streaming stick+. I use plex for media, my streaming stick would playback x265 movies at 1080p flawlessly, now with the ultra the playback is extremely choppy, audio seems to be fine. The ultra is running 9.4.1 software, same tv. The only thing that has changed is going from the streaming stick + to ultra. Does anybody else have the same issue? Is there a fix for this? Thanks in advance.

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Level 8

Re: Roku Ultra and x265 playback

You need to transcode your files to x264 some Roku devices have issue playing x265 files.  I have a TCL Roku TV.  It works fine on the 4 series TV but has the same jittery issue on my 6 series.

Its likely a firmware issue.  Roku is not listening.

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