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Roku Ultra: Voice sync is often not right, and previously watched episodes are not right

I have a Roku Ultra attached to a Samsung 65" 4K HDTV and a Bose sound bar. I'm having two problems with my Roku device that are terribly annoying.

1. 80% of the time when we turn the device on and stream a TV show, the audio and video begin out of sync. I have to stop the program, back out to the main menu, and come into the show again to get the program back in sync. Sometimes I have to do this three or four times before it works correctly.

2. When I go to a TV series' episode directory, the Roku shows which episodes we have already watched and which episode is the next one to watch. It's always wrong by two episodes, showing two episodes as "watched" beyond the last one we saw.

I had hoped that a software update for the Roku would correct these problems, but it's been at least six months that we've had these two problems and the Roku software has been updated with no effect. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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