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Level 7

Roku Ultra +Vizio PX65 blinking cycle

We connected our Roku Ultra to our new Vizio PX65 4K (Costco). The Roku display auto set itself to 4K HD 60 and every few seconds it blinks in a cycle between a black screen and normal display. setting to 4K HD 30 resolves this. Is there a fix for this? 
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Level 19

Re: Roku Ultra +Vizio PX65 blinking cycle

Thanks for reaching out to let us know what you are seeing. 

- Have you tried swapping out the HDMI cable in use, and/or trying different HDMI ports on the TV to see if that helps clear up the issue? 
- Does this occur when you are simply viewing the Roku home screen, when you are trying to play content in a streaming channel, both, etc.?
- Does this issue occur when you try to watch any streaming channel, or only on specific streaming channels? 

With more information, we can continue assisting from there. 

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