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Roku Ultra/ Vizio E32-D1 Video Issue

Hi.  I am having an issue getting a Roku Ultra to work with my Vizio E32-D1 tv.  I am using a wired connection, and have tried multiple HDMI cables including the cable I use on my Xbox One.

When I use Netflix or Philo, I have an issue where the video is either glitched out, or a solid green background.  It does not do this with Amazon Prime Video - only Netflix and Philo, those are all I've checked.

However, on Netflix, the video part of the screen will be glitched (like where they show the trailer in the upper right hand corner), but the menus/screencaps for other movies appear normal.  Any static image appears normal on the tv and Roku.  Only video problems; the audio comes through fine (tested it with the beginning of S1e1 of Blacklist)  I've included a screenshot



I've tried googling it, and have tried other options people had mentioned helped,. such as turning off the screensaver, and turning the Roku from 4.2 to 4.2.2.  Any help would be appreciated.




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