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Roku Ultra LT looks better and brighter than my Roku Ultra.

I purchased a Roku Ultra LT (4662X) 2 months ago to replace my Roku 4 and was impressed at how well the colors and brightness is. I then bought a Roku Ultra (4800X) two days ago and moved my LT to my bedroom and the Ultra is now in my living room. The Ultra is way darker and not as colorful/vibrant. I find this extremely disappointing being it was $20 more. Same HDMI cable was used on both and I tried turning the HDR setting off on the Ultra. That did not help. It is still dark and less vibrant. Any suggestions on setting changes or anything else I can try before I return it?

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Level 9

Re: Roku Ultra LT looks better and brighter than my Roku Ultra.

Do You Have A 4k TV? If So, do You have your Roku plugged into the 4K HDMI port? I have two HDMI Ports on the very back of my TV They both I think 4k, then There is HDMI ports on the side of my TV! The ones on the side is for only HD 1080p. I also had the same issue as you with my 4k HDMI Ports on the back as you did with a darker picture? What I did was plug my HDMI cable into the other 4k port, and picture was great, not sure if it was the Port on TV causing this or if It wasn't making a good connection, that a re plug action wouldn't fix. Hope this helps! 

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