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Roku Ultra -- Crushed Blacks & High Contrast

I just recently purchased a Roku Ultra to upgrade the Roku 3 I already had. I've noticed that the picture quality between the two devices is quite different. While I found the PQ for the Roku 3 quite suitable, I am experiencing crushed blacks and high contrast with any content I stream on the Roku Ultra. This makes several scenes that are darkly lit nearly impossible to see properly. How can I adjust the picture settings such as contrast, brightness, and gamma within the Roku Ultra? I reached out to Roku Support but all they told me was try different HDMI cables, cycle the power, factory reset, etc. None of these worked and Roku Support essentially threw up their hands and walked away.

Attached are images for side-by-side comparison between my XBox One (which is comparable to what I was getting through the Roku 3) and my new Roku Ultra. Anybody have any hints, suggestions, or advice? If I can't fix this then I'll just end up returning it and going with a different brand such as an Amazon Fire Stick or an Nvidia Shield.Roku UltraRoku UltraX-Box One/Roku 3X-Box One/Roku 3

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Re: Roku Ultra -- Crushed Blacks & High Contrast

I have the same issue on the Ultra i purchased a couple months ago. At first i thought it was because it didn't like the .ass subtitles most of my media has, but after some playing around i came to the conclusion its the device itself.

I have reached out to support to get a replacement unit and or guidance. Did you ever get your issue solved or were you forced to get another device?


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