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Roku Ultra 4K reboots then freezes on splash screen

This is similar to existing topics, but there are enough differences.

Have had our Roku Ultra 4K since we bought our beautiful LG OLED 65" 4K at least two years ago--probably a bit more. Flawless experience with the Roku.

This is our fourth Roku, but our first 4K--been using Roku for many years--and have never experienced an issue.

Until now. Two days ago was watching Amazon Prime--but not certain it is channel-specific--and the image started to pixelate, as if my internet service was being throttled. Then, after a few seconds, Roku automatically rebooted, displayed the Roku "splash screen" (the animated ROKU letters) and then went to the Main Menu "Home" screen. Went back into Amazon Prime, and after maybe 15 seconds it rebooted, showed splash screen, then Home screen. Tried Amazon a THIRD time and same thing: reboot.

Except on the third reboot, it FROZE ON THE SPLASH SCREEN. Which in itself, is not a bad thing: the Roku theme song is kinda catchy and the animated Roku letters are kinda cute--especially after a few glasses of wine and cussing for half an hour at your entertainment center and the myriad of wires that are tangled in the back trying to locate the Roku connections.

But this is only good for about 10 hours. And then it starts to get old.

Seriously. It was stuck on the splash screen for hours (not that we were staring at it). Changed the remote batteries. No change. Unplugged Roku and let sit for 24 hours. No change.

The Roku and our 4K TV monitor are fed their ethernet connections from a shared splitter. So we switched out the ethernet cable to another one that we know is working (the one to the TV, which we knows works because we have been using the smartTV streaming on it via Wired Connection while our precious Roku 4K is down). No change.

Can't get into the Roku "Settings" to switch it to wi-fi because it is stuck on the splash screen.

Sue me if this is just like some other posts, but I sense there were enough differences that made me uncomfortable just piggy-backing on another (albeit, similar) topic.

Can Roku please help me? We have an HDMI ARC connection that allows us to pipe audio from the TV-as-source to our surround sound, but it pales in comparison to the audio experience provided by Roku Ultra.

Thanks in advance.

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