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Roku Ultra 4670x Dolby Atmos not working via HDMI ARC

Roku Ultra 4670x player connected to Vizio m507-g1 TV via HDMI and a Vizio sb36514-g6 sound bar connected to the TV via HDMI ARC.  Sound bar supports Dolby Atmos but the TV does not.  Sound bar has LED lights to indicate Dolby Atmos (green), Dolby Digital (white), or DTS (amber).  When playing Dolby Atmos content on Roku the sound bar only indicated Dolby Digital (white LED) not Dolby Atmos (green LED) with sound bar input as HDMI ARC and connected to TV via HDMI ARC and the Roku connected via HDMI directly to the TV via HDMI.  Does issue does not happen with my Apple TV when connected directly into the sound bar HDMI IN port and with sound bar input of HDMI IN, it will then show the green LED for Dolby Atmos when Dolby Atmos content is played.  Does my Roku support Dolby Atmos?  Can this be done with HDMI connected directly to my TV that doesn't support Dolby Atmos and a sound bar connected via HDMI ARC (sound bar input HDMI ARC) that does support Dolby Atmos?  If so what settings do I need to have on my Roku and TV?

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