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Roku Ultra - 4670W - update 9.3.0 / build 4194-46

Hello everyone, thank you for your time and support.

I have enjoyed a problem free experience until an update occurred today.

I was updated to build 4194-46 on my roku ultra and I have basically lost all sound.

I have power cycled, I have factor reset the device, I have tried it on 2 different tvs (Sony vs LG).

I've tried it on two different receivers, a Sony and a Yamaha (which it previously was working fine on).

I've exhausted my options. No matter what I choose in the sound menu, whether Stereo PCM or any of the Dolby option, and finally putting it back onto Auto. I still get no sound coming out of the device.

So, I'll list everything I've tried.

1) changing menu items related to the sound output (I've tried every combination).

2) Power cycling the device (power off for 5 minutes, then plug back in).

3) Factory resetting the device

So something in the update has caused the model 4670W to just stop outputting audio all together.

*** Update

Never mind, this is so weird... Must be something in the device handshake. It should have started working when I switched to a different tv. I decided to switch the ROKU to a different HDMI port and it started working, then I switched it back to the 2nd HDMI port and it kept working.

So yeah I am baffled by that. I assume there is some kind of device map cache it uses to speed up booting and possibly using the different ports caused it to rebuild the cache? I am guessing though. I know my Yamaha stores EDID info in it's nvram and the only way to fix it is to factory reset or trick it into rebuilding it's device information by switching devices around on the HDMI bar.

Anyway, cross my fingers and back to the show!


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Re: Roku Ultra - 4670W - update 9.3.0 / build 4194-46

I received the 4194-46 update with no issues that I know of. I checked the Roku Blog hoping for a summary of what was fixed in the latest update, but there's nothing there at this time.

2018 Ultra 4660
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Re: Roku Ultra - 4670W - update 9.3.0 / build 4194-46

Well, I assume they did something to the passthrough EDID, probably changed something in the extra config part.

It may actually be my receivers fault, both my receivers cache the EDID of a device. So my Yamaha receiver is first in the lineup, then the output goes to the TV. As far as I know all of the receivers do this, they cache the device ID and create an extended EDID to pass along to the TV. So as long as you do not change the device on the HDMI it always assumes the old EDID is correct. You can force Sony and Yamaha receivers (and I imagine all of them do this) to rebuild it's device map by switching around the devices on the input bar on the back of your receiver.

Most people here probably just plug their ROKU directly into the TV, which is what 90% of the people do. I have always used my Amplifier/Receiver as the first device, which makes it a little tricky when dealing with devices that use any kind of PCM multichannel audio. The ROKU Ultra only seems to able to process stereo PCM audio, which is actually quite simple to change to multichannel audio, it is just a simple text file change in the source code, because multichannel uncompressed PCM support has been in the source code for like 10 years now. As to why they never bother with it, I can guess it has to do with their majority audience, which is a plug it in and forget about it crowd.

Anyway, thanks for the info.


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