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Roku Ultra 4660X image problem


I have an issue with the Image, it is "flickering" in certains spot of the screen everytime I finish watching an HDR video, but now it does it at every end of a video on Netflix for example after I click on "next episode", or if I try to change the audio on a Netflix movie it does it too.

I recorded a video so it will be easier to show the problem I'm talking about : Flickering Image problem 

The only solution I have is to reboot the Roku, then it goes back to normal, but still it's annoying to do that every single time. I tried to change to settings etc... changed HDMI ports and cables, but that does not fix it.

Any solutions please or advice ?


Roku Ultra 4660X

Serial Number : YJ0058143065

Build 9.4.0 edition 4200-46

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Level 7

Re: Roku Ultra 4660X image problem

Any solutions please or advice ?

Since it's not under guaranteed anymore I guess (bought it in 2018), I don't want to buy a new Roku if this is not a specific known problem thats been fixed on newer versions...?

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