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Roku Ultra 2020 model black screen issues

Over a year later, multiple updates, and I upgraded to the new Roku ultra 2020 and I'm still having black screen issues often!!!  How is it that I have numerous devices hooked up to my system several of which are 4k HDR and they have no problems at all.  As soon as I introduce the roku into the mix it has hdmi handshake issues and causes hdcp errors.  This often results in me turning the tv on and getting only audio and no picture.  The only fix is to either only run in 1080p mode, a fix I found last year, or pull the power to the roku.  How is it that Roku has had an entire year since their **bleep** update that broke all of this and still no fix.  This issue now spans multiple updates and three hardware generations.  Unbelievable!  I have reset the Roku, I've returned it for a different one, I've bypassed my Yamaha A3060 receiver, nothing works since this is a roku software problem and nothing else.  All of components are not only high end but new.  I have the yamaha a3060 which has passthrough for dolby vision and my tv is a x900f Sony bravia.  When is Roku ever going to fix their terrible software!

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