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Roku Technical Service Quality

Roku is an amazing product and service.....when it works.  When it doesn't, Roku has one of the worst service organizations I have ever tried to use.  We are all used to having to spend hours with customer service people trying all the basic stuff.  Roku takes that to new levels.

I bought a Roku Ultra. My second one.  Just a few weeks into it, it would take multiple trys to re-boot.  It continued to get worse. I contacted customer service.  I went back and forth so many times I just gave up, I became so frustrated with the stupid repeat questions, the stupid need to ask to continue the thread, weeks and weeks into it. Never getting a solid answer.


I have 7 devices in two households.  Over 2 months ago, one household had a major update.  Two of the devices in that houshold have screwed up sound watching netflix.  I have to take the "volume mode" from "off" to either "level" or "night" for normal sound.  The Ultra gives me no sound on "off" the other device has slowed down, slurred out of sync sound. 

When that update hit my other household about a month or more later, all those devices updated without any incident.   

I have been waiting for a response from Roku for almost 2 months.  I get the occasional "update" email saying they are working on it.  It's unbelievable.  

I also have the "zoom" problem after a commercial on Hulu.  Very annoying.  I see a thread that goes way back.

I'm reading more and more people abandoning Roku for Firestick.  I'm not there yet, as I have a lot invested in these Roku devices.  If I had any idea how horrible your service is, I would never have given you consideration.

Wake up ROKU.  You had the whole streaming world in your hands.  If you don't improve your service, you are going to find yourselves on the outside looking in.  Your competition is treating their customers with service and respect.


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