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Roku TV won't output media played from my PC

Greetings! I'm making this post to see if anyone can help with my issue of not being able to playback media from my PC to my Roku TV. The TV is connected to my PC via HDMI cable and it is recognized as a monitor. It displays my desktop and most web pages fine but stops functioning whenever I pull up Hulu or Netflix on my computer and drag it over to my TV to playback. When I drag a Chrome tab of Hulu or Netflix onto the Roku TV, it immediately disconnects and indicates that it can't connect to the PC even though it was recognizing the PC and functioning just fine before. Is this an issue where the Roku TV doesn't want me playing back Hulu from my PC and instead wants me to use the app? Any help would be appreciated. I haven't seen anything else about this issue on the forums. Thanks!

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