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Roku TV audio coding issues

After using a Roku TV for a couple weeks, I've noticed a few things about how it handles audio output that could be refined to improve the user experience.

1. Audio sync with channel video is inconsistent using ARC. Roku TV does not appear to support HDMI A/V auto sync, which would be very helpful in this case.
2. For AVRs/soundbars that support Dolby D+/DTS/Atmos, Roku TV appears to transcode all PCM and two channel audio content into Dolby D+. This is not always desirable - there should be a direct bitstream option for ARC output from the Roku TV.
3. As of the latest firmware build I have received, 8.0.2 build 4140, CEC detection is inconsistent on return from standby, causing loss of ARC until manual redetection in settings.
4. On an earlier firmware build, I noticed inconsistent Dolby Atmos passthrough behavior from channel content, and occasional events in which video content would not decode (black screen) but ARC audio continued to be passed and TV UI elements were still visible. I cannot replicate this on 8.0.2 4140 so far, though.

Anyone else seeing issues like these or have ideas about them?
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Re: Roku TV audio coding issues

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