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Roku TV Low Volume Issue

[New topic created - content/title updated to reflect new topic]

- Detailed description of the exact audio or volume related issue you are hearing. 

Sound is quiet, and flat.  Volume must be turned up much loader than before. Previously, if I switched audio settings from normal to speech and back again it would temporarily make the audio go back to normal.  Recently, some update killed this workaround and now audio is bad 100% of the time.

- Make/model of Roku TV (Settings>System>About)

  • INSIGNIA Roku TV 5405X

- Current version/build of software that you have installed 

  • 9.1.0 build 4121-20

- What audio source do you experience the issue occurring on while watching TV? e.g. Streaming channels, an HDMI input device, Antenna TV tuner

First noticed this in Roku Media Player.  Now seems to be affecting everything.

- When did this problem first occur?

approx 1 year ago.

- Have you tried adjusting sound mode settings, and does this resolve the issue? If so, what change did you make? 

Changed from normal to "speech" and back and this used to temporarily resolve the issue.  Now it does not.  Nothing helps.


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Re: Hisense Roku TV low volume after 8.1 update

I wanted to add that the audio is perfectly fine out of the headphone/aux output.  It's only the TVs internal speaker output that's affected.

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Community Manager

Re: Hisense Roku TV low volume after 8.1 update

@billynoah Sorry, looks like our filters were working overtime and needed an extra cup of coffee. I've cleared up the issue and your post should be back in it's place. 

Feel free to PM me with additional details and I'd be happy to help take a closer look to see how we can help. 




Tanner D.
Roku Community Manager