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Roku TV - Getting 4k content

Hi, I got a TCL Series 6 TV. I upgraded my Netflix subscription to get 4k content. 

How can I know if I am getting 4k content or just HDMI content? I cannot find any settings or info in the display to know if it's working properly and I am getting 4k.

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Re: Roku TV - Getting 4k content

If the TV doesn't have a resolution display (some do, many don't), there's a trick to display the streaming information on Netflix. Before beginning to play a video, hit the * button. Then start the video. There will be a stats display in the upper left corner showing resolution and bitrate (not an exact real-time bitrate, more of a general number) and what audio and caption tracks are selected. The only way to remove the stats display is to stop the video, exit to the main Netflix home display, and hit * again, or exit and restart Netflix. You can't turn it on or off while the video is playing. Note that this trick is Netflix specific. It doesn't work with Prime Video or any other channel. 
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