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Roku TCL TV insanely dim/dark screen

Waking up this morning I noticed my Roku tcl tv was dim to the point of a black screen. Shining a light on the screen would show the big white lettering slightly better, but any grey/small text is lost to the dark. I honestly havent even touched visual or developer settings before today, so this happened for seemingly no reason, as far as I know. Roku TCL TV Model 40s305.

When turning the tv on it'll flash normal/bright, showing the red "loading" screen clearly, for nearly 1 second, before dimming again. I've reset my settings, replaced my surge protector/tried a normal outlet, I've reset my roku (both with a 1 hour power cycle, and a hard reset from in the settings). I've turned my brightness up & down, and even factory reset my roku tv. When I tried plugging a roku stick into my roku tv, and selecting hdmi 1, it'll show up named "roku #2" but the tv was still dark. I know this tv should work, considering it's bright/normal for a second when it's turning on. It was last updated December 13th and it checked for new updates 2 hours ago, to no avail. I feel like I've tried everything, hoping I can get some suggestions on any other possible solutions.

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Re: Roku TCL TV insanely dim/dark screen

my tcl roku tv is dim/dark screen,reset everything, not working


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