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Roku Surround Sound On Roku Smart TV

So I have the full roku roku Surround sound setup the Wireless speakers and Subwoofer with the soundbar bar all installed in my 59 in Sharp Roku Smart TV. I noticed that when i am using the Roku Smart soundbar apps i can change the sound settings as I please Leveling, Night mode or the speech clarity High, Low or off. When I'm watching stuff on The TVs OS or on something connected to the TV like my Xbox none of those settings work Properly (both by pressing the * button on the Roku remote tried both Soundbar remote and Tv remote. And nothing in the settings in the home screen) I try to change them and there's no difference, once i leave the menu it goes back. Why does it do this does it have something to do with the Roku Soundbar OS overriding the Roku TVs OS? If so why and how do i change it? There's times i have to use the Roku TV OS for my Xbox and i need to change the sound settings. I change the roku soundbar bar settings then go to the TV OS itself and it doesn't change over there why? I don't believe it was like this at first is this because of a recent update?

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Re: Roku Surround Sound On Roku Smart TV

Update: after Messaging Roku support they told me to check to make sure i have the current 9.3 update on both the Roku Smart soundbar and The Roku TV itself. I did check one of them for update originally,  but not both separately once i did that it put my TV and inputs in sync with the Roku smart soundbar and all seems to be good now