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Level 7

Roku Streaming Stick+ video and audio issues

My Roku device listed above is just not functioning well. I have to unplug and reinsert multiple times every day. Then in a mater of minutes or an hour it begins malfunctioning again.

The video becomes choppy and skips along. Completely unable to watch it like this. In addition, the audio will begin to drop out and back on repeatedly. I own 2 other Roku devices and I do not have an issue with these devices. In fact, the one in my bedroom is well out of the line of sight with my router. That one works great so far. Its only the Streaming Stick+ that is acting up constantly.

Please don't tell me to unplug my TV or the streaming Stick+ or even my router. Been there done that a zillion times. The unit is not functioning correctly.

I bought this one at Staples on October 30th but I am not sure if I can bring it back to them. Any help would be appreciated.

The device ID # is: C1397A068113