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Roku Streaming Stick + no dolby digital audio only PCM

I have a Roku Streaming Stick+ I've spent countless hours trying to get all sound formats to pass thru HDMI and feel I'm pretty savvy with Audio and Video setups.I have a Yamaha ysp-5600 soundbar with every sound format out there and a Samsung 82' smart tv. The TV has a HDMI Input Audio Format with PCM or Bitstream and Digital Out PCM, Dolby Digital , and Dolby Digital Plus only those three doesn't matter how I setup the soundbar, TV or the Roku Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus are always Greyed out when I had Spectrum Cable Dolby Digital at the least would use the Dolby Digital format on the same channels Sling Tv uses. The settings on the Roku are Menu Volume (Off) and Audio Mode DD+, DTS followed accordingly to another post I saw Tanner answer someone which I followed from that post is changing my Roku Audio settings as he stated to try and do. I have the Roku plugged into my soundbar in a typical HDMI port. My soundbar settings are set up HDMI Control Off and and HDMI Audio Out set to AMP on the same setting I also have a choice to use the TV or I can put the HDMI control to on. I have a High Speed Monster Cable plugged into the sound bar on a typical HDMI port and plugged in the TV also with a typical HDMI port. I'm trying to at the least get DD passed thru my soundbar and other sound formats I don't stream Netflix nor any other type I watch Sling TV only and Sling TV uses what ever format the Broadcasting channel it is using. It doesn't matter if I place the Roku on the tv or the soundbar and I use every available port and also the ARC ports there is absolutely nothing no matter how I change every on TV, Roku and Soundbar to make this happen I mean nothing. Spent one day on it for 6 hours. Help Please !!!!

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Re: Roku Streaming Stick + no dolby digital audio only PCM

I have same issue.  Did you ever find a solution?

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