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Roku Streaming Stick+ & Dolby Issue

Dolby Digital Audio not streaming to my SONY-HX850 TV. Dolby Digital indicator on TV does not come on. It audio does come in as stereo to the TV even though Dolby Digital, or auto is selected in the ROKU settings. My Playstation 3 auto configures for stereo and Dolby Digital for the TV depending on the source. The Dolby Digital indicator on TV does come on when source is Dolby. I swapped HDMI ports on the TV and the results are the same. I viewed the same movie on both the ROKU and the Playstation3, and the RKO stream on the TV is stereo, and the same exact stream from the same source on the Playstation 3 is Dolby according the the audio indicator on the TV, and my ears. Both of these devices are plugged directly into the HDMI ports on the TV. I am new to ROKU, and I am wondering if anyone else had this issue? Also my TV is HDCP 1.4.
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Re: Roku Streaming Stick+ & Dolby Issue

I am having the same issue with my Roku 4 and Express.  I have netflix on a DVD player and my Dolby 5.1  and DTS work perfectly. but not on my Roku players.  I couldn't  tell you if the 4 worked before any updates since it was just hooked up to a soundbar before but when the new express wouldn't work I installed the 4 through my receiver and 5.1 wouldn't work.

So I have been reading this is a common problem with the Roku players recently.  My express has the the new version 9 update but i'm still on 8 with the 4.  Does anybody have an answer to this dilemma???   I have gone thou all the settings with HDMI and Audio with no luck from both devices.   I even hooked up a toslink connection with the 4 but it still didn't work.

My amp still shows it is a  PCM connection.
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