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Roku Streaming Stick Constantly freezing

Wife and I are beyond frustrated.  Streaming stick plus constantly is freezing.  Usually at the home screen when the device has just powered on. Sometimes, it will not respond to commands like pause, play FF etc.  The power button usually will turn the TV on or off, and the volume button always seems to work, but quite often, the ROKU itself will not respond to the remote.  We are left to unplug the device and wait, plug back in etc.  

Recently we were issued an HDMI extension cable.  This has not helped the situation.
We have the fastest internet service available by FIOS, and the ROKU is located right next to our router.  Signal strength according to the ROKU is "EXCELLENT".

This is my 2nd ROKU streaming stick.  I purchased this at Sam's Club.  I returned the first one, because it was doing the same thing as this one.  Something is wrong.  I need help fixing this issue. 
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Re: Roku Streaming Stick Constantly freezing

Router being right next to it is probably the culprit. Likely interfering with the Wi-Fi connection between the Remote and the Roku. No, does not go through the router at all, separate direct Wi-Fi connection. One thing to try also is make sure the Wi-Fi channel on the Router is set to a single channel. That way the channel for the Wi-Fi remote doesn't change.
Router - ASUS RT-AC68U
ISP - TWC - 50 Mbps/5 Mbps
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Re: Roku Streaming Stick Constantly freezing

I am new to roku and any program I start to watch free movie or amazon prime the show freezes and then I cannot move any arrow up down etc and then it goes to blinking roku screen.  why?


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