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Roku Stick and Airplay 5.1

Hello all, I am considering purchasing a Roku stick (Primary to use with the Apple TV service) What I wish to know is, am I able to wireless send the audio from the stick to my Hifi Receiver either via bluetooth or vial Airplay 2 so I can playback in 5.1!?

I do not wish to run any cables and the Roku will be attached to a projector that will not be connected to the Hifi directly itself.


Thank you all!


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Re: Roku Stick and Airplay 5.1

hi, I don't have an answer for you, but I do have a similar issue. I'm wondering if things gain greater traction if more people put their voice to it. so here goes:

I have a roku stick plugged into an epson projector. I have been using a wired in speaker for audio, but want to use my Sonos one. this has no cable in option, and doesn't use bluetooth for audio. I want to be able to send the audio from the roku stick to the Sonos speaker, I'm guessing by using airplay, but keep the video going through the projector - any ideas if this is possible and how to do it?

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