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Roku Stick No Signal

My apologies if another thread answers this question but I was not able to locate one. I am having an issue where my Roku stick is showing "no signal". This first began a couple days ago and I was able to get the stick to work by moving HDMI ports and changing the input on my tv remote. I do not have a second tv to try it with. Once I got it working I had the stick search for updates and it found none. I also reset it in case that would help. It has not and now no matter what I do it is just showing no signal. I have reset the stick several times and have re-paired the remote to no avail (the remote controls the tv on/off and volume still but it never went to the pairing screen). My wifi is good as I've been using other devices on it to troubleshoot while attempting to fix this! Finally, I've not changed the power adapter and the light on the stick comes on when I power on the tv.

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