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Roku Soudbar dropping audio in the middle of shows

I have had my Roku soundbar for a little over a month and my family told me several times that the sound bar dropped sound completely several times since we got it and it had to be unplugged completely to get it to reset.  I had no problems with the regular ROKU device before buying this dropping sound so  I did not believe them until it happened to me today as well.  I wish I had just believed my family cause this soundbar wasn't cheap and now I find myself right at the 30 day return limit from the day I received it but about a week after the order date.  I filled out the replacement request on the Support page and it gave me an RMA number but the link to print the return label does not work so now I will have to wait for the RMA acceptance email to hopefully get a return label.

I can not express how disillusioned I am with a soundbar that drops sound but if I can get a replacement that works, I won't mind trying a second one as long as I can keep the option to return it for a refund if the second one has the same problem. 

In any case, while I am waiting to return this or get a replacement, can anyone give me an idea how else I might set this up so maybe sound won't drop?  I currently have it hooked up to via the HDMI ARC port.

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Re: Roku Soudbar dropping audio in the middle of shows

I have JBL soundbar HDMI ARC and I have same issue pretty often, but only when I watch live TV, when I move to streaming device, soundbar is automatically reconnects and works, even when I move back to live TV  (until it drops again).  I think issue is in live TV output, not in the soundbar and seems to me it's started after 9.3.0 4182 update.   

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