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Roku Screen Scrambling changing back from HdMI Input

I just updated from a ROKU 3 to a ROKU Premiere

My ROKU 3 audio would start to pop after using it for an hour. I read this issue would be solved with a newer model.

I just got the ROKU Premiere which works fine. Until I change to a different input channel on the TV. Once I click back to the roku input from the TV remote. The screen flickers with snow and the roku screen flips in and out. I found unplugging and powering the roku back up solves the issue.

I've tried changing out the HDMI cables and plugging the USB from a dedicated power source and the TV. I also tried setting the TV to distinct resolution and not auto detect and the problem still persist. This has never been an issue with the ROKU 3 using this TV for over a year. Anyone know how to solve this issue to keep the roku screen from flickering?

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