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Roku SE audio is lagging on all channels

Roku SE audio is lagging on all channels. When I select the (*) button and go to Volume it does not provide an "off" option that I have read about in your feeds. Can someone help resolve this issue. I have the Roku connected directly to the TV, no sound bar. The lagging occurs on every show and every channel/app we watch. This did not occur at first. Last night I unplugged the power to the Roku and plugged it back in and resolved the issue for one movie. Once that movie eneded we started another and the problem continued. If you have any questions for me please let me know. Thank you.

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Re: Roku SE audio is lagging on all channels

If the "volume mode" setting is grayed out/not changeable during playback:

1) Take note of the detected audio modes at Settings/Audio/HDMI/Audio mode=(Auto (...).)

2) Change Settings/Audio/HDMI=PCM stereo and Settings/Audio/Audio mode=Stereo

3) Restart the Roku

4) Playback any content, open options (*), turn "volume mode" to off (any other volume modes will disable multichannel audio)

5) Change Settings/Audio/HDMI=Auto detect and Settings/Audio/Audio mode=(Auto (...))

6) Restart the Roku

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