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Roku Products Overheating

Roku devices clearly have a design flaw in which they begin overheating and become unusable within 6-10 months of ownership AND ROKU DOES NOT CARE!!! They will replace it if it is under warranty but you have to pay the shipping (probably because so many products are being returned for replacement). I should not have to spend any more money on a faulty product!!! No Danny from Roku, none of your troubleshooting suggestions work and it should not be normal for your products to overheat to the point of non-use within such a small amount of time. Obviously Roku's business model is cheap products that lack quality and do not last more than a year in the hopes that customers will spend more money on replacement products. The only good thing is that I was about to purchase devices for other rooms. Glad this happened before I wasted my money! If you are willing to pay the shipping, a warranty replacement seems to be the only option, but does this mean I will have to do it again in 6-10 months? Even if it is only a couple bucks, customers should not have to pay any more money for a product that was clearly built to fail. 

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Re: Roku Products Overheating

Yeah, my Roku Express did not work when I tried it yesterday.  It goes through the dancing Roku logo, screen goes blank, then starts over again.  When I pulled it, it was warm.  Left it off the TV for a day and tried it again just now with the same result.  Heats up quickly.  Not happy about this either, but I am sure that it is out of warranty.  In my opinion, something like this should last the life of the TV.  I have purchased five of the various Roku streaming devices but maybe it's time to look at other options. 

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