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Roku Premiere: just stopped working???

I got the device a few years ago. It was working just fine until about a day or ago. When I turn the tv on the roku title comes up, but then just freezes. There doesnt appear to be anything wrong with the tv. I have unplugged it, reset it, tried hitting random buttons on the remote. Nothing seems to work. 

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Re: Roku Premiere: just stopped working???

@Sammars21  Thanks for the note. It's possible that your device may have experienced a hardware issue, however, there are a few other things you can try to help troubleshoot this: 

- If you have a micro-sd card inserted in your player, try removing this, then disconnect the pwoer for a moment and plug the device back in to reboot it. 

- Follow the steps here to perform a full factory reset. Make sure you hold down the reset button on your device for a full 20-30 seconds before releasing it, in order to perform the reset properly:


Keep us posted from there! 




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