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Roku Premiere Shows "No Support" On Vizio TV

I just purchased the Roku Premiere and on connecting it to my Vizio TV model VOJ370F1a, I get a "Not Support" message. It will open on the Roku jumping letters splash screen, but when it initializes beyond that point, all I see is a black screen punctuated by a brief flash of a color bar followed by crackling sounds, then the TV defaults back to its blue screen and a "Not Support" message. I have cycled power on both devices repeatedly to no avail. I have checked all electrical and HDMI connections repeatedly and tried several different HDMI inputs, but have had no other result. I have reset the Roku several times, but nothing has changed. Can someone suggest next steps? Please don't tell me to try another TV, since I have only one in the house. Is there another option?
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Re: Roku Premiere Shows "No Support" On Vizio TV

Same. Probably too old of a tv model. Unfortunately, the most likely fix is a new tv

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