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Roku Premier stutter and choppiness

Why the recent video stutter every few seconds on tbs and tnt? All other channels are smooth and beautiful. Not a buffering issue. Seems to be skipping frames or something... Maybe a compression issue... I don't know. Download upload speeds are great... Bandwidth is high at 5.7... live latency is at 28ms. I don't get it.. why do these two channels look so bad? Totally unwatchable.  Both are Warner media channels. 

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Level 7

Re: Roku Premier stutter and choppiness

Hello, thought I'd weigh in on how I fixed my choppiness issues: I had forced my Roku Extreme to 4K UHD 30fps. Commercials would play fine but some channels would look like they're stuttering every second or two. My Roku is wired and I have 1gb fiber to my home. Go into your Roku Settings, Display Type, and set to Auto. If you're only connected to a tv set via hdmi cable your Audio Mode should be set to Stereo and the HDMI Setting to PCM-Stereo. That should solve your problems. IF you are positive your tv supports 4K you can force the Display Type to 4K 60fps (reg or UHD) but don't use ANY 30fps setting... 

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