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Roku Premier+ starts having seizures when trying to play HDR content.

Since yesterday morning my Roku streamer has started causing the entire system to all but crash when trying to play HDR content. 

When going to play an HDR video the screen begins to almost flicker and go in and out of blackness. It seems to be trying to flip through a bunch of random HD resolutions but it never stops and sometimes the video cuts out completely and doesn't register the video input. I have the display set to Auto-Detect but it doesn't do this with anything else. I have tried both Amazon Prime and Netflix same exact situation.
In the rare moment that it goes to a viewable screen i have managed to manually change the resolution but it only stays stable at 1080p and below. Switching back to Auto-detect causes the issue to begin again.

I was on a chat with a representative and found that if i unplug both TV and Roku device and flip the HDMI cable ends that it gets reset and will work again with auto-detect on until i got to play 4k/HDR content again.

i got this device specifically for 4k streaming so it'd be nice if it was actually working for that.

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