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Roku Premier pauses on playback every couple of minutes

Just purchased a Roku Premier, went through all setup and software updates which went fine.  Playback works fine EXCEPT every couple of minutes, the Roku Premier will pause for 10-15secs then resume.  Any ideas on what the fix is?




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Re: Roku Premier pauses on playback every couple of minutes

@Wolverine7 Thanks for the note. When you say pauses, do you mean that you see network buffering, or do you see the pause symbol, as if someone pressed pause? 

If you're seeing buffering behavior, I'd recommend following all the steps listed here to help optimize network performance for your device:

The most helpful tip is often to change the wireless broadcast channel on your wireless router, to one not in use by other networks around you. This can help eliminate wireless network interference and improve streaming performance. 




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