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Roku Premier not working with Denon home theater receiver

I saw another discussion regarding this on the board but it was locked. Tried two different Roku premiers and in each case it would start out working fine, then for no apparent reason after the jumping ROKU boot up, the screen goes to black as the LG 4K set shows a no signal message. 

The first time it happened after 1 day of use.
The second unit stopped working after about a month of semi regular use with no issues. 

The original setup had the hdmi passing through an HDMI switch device then into the Denon receiver. 
If I plug the ROKU HDMI directly into the set, it works. Unfortunately that bypasses the home theater sound system and isn't an acceptable solution. 

Tried a better quality HDMI cable with no luck. Pass through won't display. 

If it's not a firmware / update related issue could it be an HDMI signal strength problem ? I'm thinking of trying an HDMI signal booster (4K supported) next - has anyone had a similar problem and tried this ? 

Thanks !
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