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Roku Premier Stick impacting the audio on my Vizio TV!

I have a 9 year old Vizio 60" that had always been a great TV.  Recently, I started having problems with my audio after the TV has been on for 10 min., or sometimes longer (up to a few hours).  The sound would start out of my sound bar great but would immediately change to being so garbled it was impossible to hear. Initially, I thought this was a problem with my TV so I started shopping for a replacement. This was after I tested all 4 HDMI ports on the TV to see if I had a bad port.  At that time I was told to try an Amazon FireStick to see if the problem still existed. Since I had replaced the FireStick with the Roku Premier 7 months ago, I already had most all my apps including YouTube Live TV. Amazingly everything works perfectly again and I don't have to buy a new TV!  

I was wondering if anyone in the Community experienced the same issue, or heard of this happening before. I believe I just received a stick that went bad after 7 months. I would like to change back to Roku, but I don't want a recurrence of the initial audio problem.  I have always found the Roku stick to be more user friendly than the FireStick on all my Televisions. 

Any thoughts?

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