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Roku Not Solving/Fixing Issues

Highly upset with Roku. There are issues with their products all over this community & reports showing over a year & still no fix.

The screen is 1/4 size when I watch a show. All support tells us is to check HDMI, unplug, or system reset. It doesn't work long time. It happens on all kinds of TVs & Roku devices - but the company is not fixing the issue.

Prime video still doesn't work properly on Roku- programs start & stop snd we are told to reset devices, remove/re-add channels, check updates- everything is.

These issues do not happen with the apps on a phone, ipad, or Play Station.

Ready to trash my Roku & pick a device from a company that actually fixes the issues users report.

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Level 9

Re: Roku Not Solving/Fixing Issues

I agree with you.  My Roku has lost all sound now, reset will not fix, it makes a sound for a second, then goes right back off.  Thinking a different company has better products.