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Roku Media Player Fast Forward & Rewind?

I have huge library of TV shows and videos ripped to hard drive of our main home desktop.  Applicable directories set to network share / stream and show up perfectly inside RMP.  Play perfectly too with no lagging or anything on all our TV's.

Problem is videos will neither fast forward nor rewind.  Last night, for example, family was over half hour into hour show and my daughter accidentally hit remote home button which exited all the way back out to Roku's main menu.  Amazon Prime videos have simple "resume" selection and user can also FFW / REW as needed.  When going back through RMP menus, there was no way to automatically get back to the spot where we dropped and we obviously weren't going to re-watch the whole show!

Any tips on what I may be missing, or maybe a third party media player app that has a deeper feature set?  We use local network streaming all the time & RMP is great . . . . . except for this issue which is kinda big.  Smiley Sad  Thanks in advance.


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Re: Roku Media Player Fast Forward & Rewind?

I have the same problem - watching movies off my USB drive - the remote dropped and went to the next movie. so I went back to the previous movie and hit resume. Well, that started from the very beginning..  So I hit the FF button about 1 hr into the movie and hit the play button...  That started the movie from the very beginning..

I've tried this on the remote and the iPhone app..  Same results...  This sucks...

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