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Roku Media App Not Showing Album Art on Song

I'm trying out the Roku Media Player using a thumb drive inserted in a Roku Ultra.  I have about 200 CDs ripped.  I copied a couple using Windows Media Player (WMP) sync and I can play the songs, but there is no Album Art, even tho it shows in WMP.  I then copied the same CDs using File Explorer (FE) only and I have Album Art at the Album level, but not at the song level.  I then downloaded a CD I purchased on Amazon and copied it using FE and it displays Album Art at the album and song level.

I don't see this as a Roku issue as the Amazon content works perfect so I suspect I'm missing something in the other sources, but has someone been thru this and solved it for CDs ripped to a PC?

Appreciate any help I can get Smiley Happy


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Re: Roku Media App Not Showing Album Art on Song

Thru trial and error, I answered my own question.  I didn't realize that WAV files cannot be tagged and FLAC files can.  I ripped a couple of CDs using FLAC, and got the Roku Media Player results I want.

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