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Roku Express won't power up

My Roku device quit powering up New Years day. It is about 15 months old but only used daily since I gave up Comcast (still have their Internet) at end of October. I have done the following:

Checked USB power cord and adapter cube with another device (smart phone) and they worked. So cord and adapter are not the problem.

Checked HDMI cable on a BlueRay DVD player and it works. Tried different HDMI port also. No change.

Replaced batteries in the remote. No change.

No light on Express device using different cables, "no input" displayed  on TV.

No change hitting reset recessed button, or "all buttons on remote."

Anything else I can try or do I now own a cute little box with a remote?


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Level 7

Re: Roku Express won't power up

Just before New Years the light wont even come on and all cables are firmly plugged in. I have “No Input” on my HDMI screen as well. 
Roku offers no support (but for two of their products), either. I heard from a coworker Roku was **bleep** when her fire stick broke, and now I see. It lasted all of about a few days. 

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