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Roku Express + problems DVI>HDMI TV

Hello! New to the forum, looking for advice. I have a Sony Grand-Wega HD TV circa 2003 that I'm not ready to give up. I've had a Roku Express + hooked up to it for many years, using a DVI>HDMI Adapter. It works fine, but suddenly the screen has a purple cast over everything. I've read it's a cable issue and I've tried using other cables, sort, long, cheap, not cheap...I've also reset the unit, unplugged it and let it sit....all the usual advice and no dice. It's totally fine using the analog RCA hookup but then it's no long HD. 

My question is: are there any other streaming devices out there that will work with this setup? 

The Roku works well because the picture streams with the HDMI and the sound runs through analog RCA cables that hook up to the TV. Is it possible to use a newer unit with an HDMI cable that splits the audio off and hook the audio up to external speakers (or a stereo mini>RCA adapter? I do realize it may need an amp.) I did buy a second Roku Express + and the same thing happens. In fact, it works fine with the analog, not but with the HDMI connection. It starts up fine, but then just flickers static, it won't even take me to the welcome screen! Thanks for any thoughts!
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Re: Roku Express + problems DVI>HDMI TV

Hate to break it to you, but from what I've read your Grand Wega might be HD compatible, but you're not getting a true HD picture, even with the DVI cable.

If you're not willing to part with the TV, then that's on you. It's had a good life, let it R.I.P.. It's a 16 year old model, and there's PLENTY of better, higher resolution TV's available for probably 80% cheaper than what you paid for your Sony. I get it, CRT (and plasmas) screens are great, but if they're a pain to get working with modern tech, it might be time to move on.
Yeah, I got some Rokus.
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Re: Roku Express + problems DVI>HDMI TV

I have to agree with Jeff. HDMI to DVI adapters are always hit or miss, and officially Roku doesn't support their use. I tried searching for your TV, but there appears to be quite a number of different models with that name that aren't all the same. But it appears that your TV is likely only 1386 x 788 resolution. Depending on its size, you can buy a new 4K UHD-TV for under $500 (Best Buy has a great LG 55" set right now for $439). You would be shocked to see the improved image even moving to "only" 1920 x 1080 resolution, especially if you sit fairly close to the set. 
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Re: Roku Express + problems DVI>HDMI TV

I have an '04 Samsung (can't remember the model right now unfortunately) that i used an hdmi to dvi adapter with for years, the hdcp was always hit or miss with it and it stopped working completely i guess a year or two ago, i didn't use the tv that much so i can't say exactly when, but it's now just a purple screen like yours. It's a crt with 1080i resolution and i've never been able to figure out what the conflict is, so i just got a new tv, decent 720p tv's are ultra cheap these days as has already been mentioned, got mine for $89, and even 1080p sets only run around $150 these days.
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