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Roku Express playback problems with 1080p videos encoded with AVC, black screen, continuous loading

1080p videos in our channel (NET Nebraska) will not play on Roku Express devices (failures occur on a 3930 Roku Express and 3931RW Roku Express+). The 1080p videos will play on Roku Ultra & Streaming Stick+ but on Roku Express devices there is only a black screen or continuous "loading" message,

We were forced to remove the 1080p videos from our Roku Direct Publisher feed and only include 720p versions. Those play fine on ROKU Express but we would obviously prefer to include the 1080p (FHD) versions as well.

Here was a snippet from our feed that included a 1080p video that was incompatible:


{"id":"50010910","title":"Super Sophomores","content":{"dateAdded":"2020-01-29T17:48:20.975210+00:00","videos":[{"url":"","quality":"SD","videoType":"MP4"},{"url":"","quality":"HD","videoType":"MP4"},{"url":"","quality":"FHD","videoType":"MP4"}],"captions":[{"url":"","language":"en-US","captionType":"CLOSED_CAPTION"}],"duration":232,"trickPlayFiles":[{"url":"","quality":"FHD"},{"url":"","quality":"HD"},{"url":"","quality":"SD"}],"language":"en-US","adBreaks":[]},"thumbnail":"","shortDescription":"Meet the group of sophomores that are leading a young 2019-2020 Nebraska Women's Basketball team.","releaseDate":"2020-01-29T17:48:20.975210Z","longDescription":"Meet the group of sophomores that are leading a young 2019-2020 Nebraska Women's Basketball team.","tags":[],"genres":["sports"]}

This video won't play on Roku Express devices:

Here are our encoding specifications:

Video Codec: H264 - MPEG-4 AVC (part 10), 1920x1080, 30fps
Audio Codec: MPEG AAC Audio (mp4a), 48000hz, 32bit

We opened a ticket with Roku support a few months ago and it was forwarded to their engineering team but the problem was never resolved. Anyone have any advice?


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