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Re: Roku Express issues / Bose Lifestyle Home

"RLV" wrote:
I have call into the Bose dealer that did the install......I sure its something simple, but no shortage of boxes and cables ----

one additional question... will the Roku Express + support any other remote ( came with a standard IR ) I have everything out of site , in a cabinet doors shut 

I will follow up w/the results when I hear back from Bose

The Express+ only supports physical remotes that are IR, meaning, of course, you need direct line of sight. However...

You can control the Express via the Roku mobile app for iOS or Android.

So, you can enclose it (watch airflow, though) and control it via an app, or it must be visible if you want to use a physical remote.

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Re: Roku Express issues / Bose Lifestyle Home

Looks like the AGE of Bose limits my input options to just component / S- Video NO HDMI

i will be limited on AUDO w/ the Roku

thanks to all for the help
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Re: Roku Express issues / Bose Lifestyle Home

ackshally, DB, I do believe my SD picture IS HD, or as HD as it can get.

in fact, IMNSHO...who needs a flatscreen tv? stuff looks darn good on a big, heavy,

oooold SD screen, you betcha., even from my ancient Panasonic DMR-EZ27

player/recorder/HD + NTSC tuner via  composite (Y, R, W) connections.

Side issue: where ROKU gear gets a FAIL is...there's no way to tweak the picture

SIZE so stuff doesn't bleed off the screen, making it impossible to read the

(often too-small) text on the borders. That gets a DUHHH?!??! and a WTX?

(the X allows one to substitute -any- word, phrase etc. it's a catch-all term).

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