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Roku Express Volume Too Low


I have Roku Express units and with no volume control in Roku Express, the volume is entirely too low. I have tried leveling the audio in settings, which is pretty much useless for increasing the volume.

If I run my a.c. or a fan while streaming a movie, I have to turn them off as I cannot hear the movie audio at all, and no, I am not hard of hearing.

As a result, I have disconnected my Roku Express and now stream videos through my computer where I can control the volume with much better results. By the way, Sony Crackle is now a blank page in Chrome and Internet Explorer, but it is available on Firefox. What 's going on there?

Is Roku planning to add volume control to all of their devices, including Roku Express as I have read other comments with the same issue.
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Re: Roku Express Volume Too Low

Roku has no control over the volume. It's solely controlled by either the TV you are connected to, or a soundbar or receiver. Now it's certainly possible there's something defective with your Roku. But first I would try using it on a different device and see if the sound is still too low. 
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