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Roku Express Streaming Player (3900R) dropping sound for 2-3 seconds

In the last week or two our Roku player has been dropping the sound for 2-3 seconds and then comes right back.  The power is plugged into an outlet.  We've tried a new cable and a different HDMI port on the TV -- no change.  We've disconnected the power and HDMI, waited a minute and reconnected -- no change.  We see where the software was updated about two weeks ago and wondering if it may be a software issue.  We're disappointed to learn that Roku does not provide technical assistance -- will keep this in mind if we need to replace it.  Any suggestions?

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Re: Roku Express Streaming Player (3900R) dropping sound for 2-3 seconds

I have done everything recommended to resolve the insufficient power message on my Roku Express. I have replaced the power supply and the HDMI cables with their products and it is plugged directly into the wall. Still have the message and no tech support. A friend told me to just replace it, but I shouldn't have to. This is ridiculous.

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