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Roku Express - Private listening and video cut out many times

I have a Roku Express (3700x). For the past month, I have been unable to stream almost anything on it. I am trying to stream on Netflix, VRV, Crunchyroll. My Pluto TV works fine.

Whenever I try to stream on those apps, it tells me that I either do not have an internet connection or it crashes the Roku all together. When the video does play, it loads several times then plays very fast.

Private listening will play 5 to 10 seconds with about a 1 to 2 second cut out time.

I have tried the following troubleshooting steps: reinstall Roku app, made sure Roku was up to date, restarted Roku, restarted router, put video at 720 instead of 1080, and moved audio to stereo, removed and then added channels, and finally a factory reset. These issues are still happening.

I also did a speed test to verify that my internet was in good standing. My ping is around 13ms. Download speed is 5 to 7 mbps. Upload speed is about 10 mbps. I can play HD videos on my computer fine with this, but I am unsure if Roku has different requirements. When I contacted Roku chat, the rep told me that I needed at least 25 mbps. I could see that for Ultra/4k, but I am doing 720p to 1080p.

I am honestly at a loss of what to do next. Any help would be appreciated
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