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Roku Express - HDCP Purple Screen Error

Over the weekend, I tried to use my Roku Express (2016) that is directly-connected to a 1080p PC monitor (ASUS MX279H) and kept getting purple screen HDCP errors, regardless of what source I tried to stream (YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, WatchESPN).  This Roku Express connected to this monitor has worked without any issues since it was installed in June 2017, and it is currently running on Roku OS 8.0 (updated on 11/21/17).  I most recently used this Roku without issue on the weekend of 12/16 & 12/17, so it has worked connected to this monitor since the OS 8 update.

This Roku Express also streams just fine when connected to a different TV in our house that I tested with last night.

Things I have tried and still lead to the purple screen HDCP error:
-Reboot Roku
-Power cycle Roku
-Disable 1-click Play (HDMI-CEC)
-Move Roku to other HDMI port on monitor
-Use HDMI cord that works with another device
-Use other HDMI cord on other port on monitor
-Force display settings to 720p or 1080p (both settings pass the HDCP 1.4 check, but each setting still leads to a purple screen; the auto setting times out when trying the HDCP test)

Why I am suddenly experiencing these issues and what can I do to resolve them?
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Re: Roku Express - HDCP Purple Screen Error

I'm having exactly the same problem with my Roku2.  It has worked just fine up to now; it worked fine last night.  I've tried rebooting and disconnecting/reconnecting several times, to no avail.

Also, I can get SOUND, just not VIDEO.
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