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Roku Express Display problem

My roku express is not displaying on screen. It is getting power. White light is on and solid. Tried pushing reset button for 15 seconds, did nothing. Unplugged the device and swapped it with another in the house. Did not work on either TV, while the other one did just fine on both TV’s. So it’s none of the cables. It’s not a tv problem. It’s not a power problem. Also, I use the mobile app as the remote and it will not connect to the problem roku. Idk what to do. Help! 

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Level 7

Re: Roku Express Display problem

I am getting a "NOT SUPPORT!" Blue screen display. This has been the case since the new update put out late last week. I do get some success by unplugging device from wall. Roku does not seem to be interested in fixing this issue. I have seen where it has been related to updates that Roku sends out. My TV is an older Vizio. My newer but not brand new Vizio has no problems. This is definitely an update problem with Roku. My Express unit worked fine until Roku put out its latest update. 

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