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Roku Express + DD 5.1 surround?

I am in the UK and have a Roku Express (3900 series) plugged into a projector, but am having problems getting it to output any audio other than Stereo. If I select Home > Settings > Audio > HDMI > Dolby Digital I still only get Stereo, even if the source material is 5.1. I have narrowed the problem down to the Roku, because surround sound works when a borrowed Apple TV (3rd Gen) is plugged in. 

If Roku Express cannot output Dolby Digital, what's the point of the menu setting? And are there any Roku products available in the UK that will do it? I understand that the Roku Ultra (2016 version/4640X) does what I need, but I also heard that Netflix is ending its support for older Roku models and that this is one that will lose its access t..... can anyone verify?

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Re: Roku Express + DD 5.1 surround?

Lots of folks are seeing this. Search other threads in this section of the forum

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