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Roku Express Continually Goes to Static When Connecting to Wifi

I'm a college student with fair technological knowledge and I received my Roku Express (3900 series) model 3930X today. Upon first plugging it in and connecting it to my television, there was nothing but grey static onscreen. When it was like that the light on the Roku was still on and pressing buttons on the remote would make said light flicker, but wouldn't change anything onscreen. Turning off and turning back on as well as unplugging and plugging back in the tv did not change anything.

I tried all four HMDI ports on my tv and all had the same result, however, plugging the power cord's USB directly into the tv instead of the wall adapter got it to display the Roku startup screen with the bouncing letters before it returned to static and unresponsiveness. Repeatedly resetting the device with the button on the back got it to pull up the "Let's get started" screen where I was able to select language and find my wireless MAC address which I registered with my university's special wifi for multimedia devices.

However, every time I select said wifi from the list of networks, it processes until there is a green check mark beside wireless and internet and then flashes back to grey static where nothing I can do will get any response. Turning off and turning back on the tv now prompts it pull up the Roku startup screen on its own, but it will flash back to static after that instead of loading up. Only resetting the device with the reset button will get it to pull up the "Let's get started" screen, but I have tried doing this for over an hour with no change since this development. It will not let me connect to the wifi or move forward in the process; every time I select a network (I even tried setting my phone up as a mobile hot-spot and connecting to that instead to see if it was the network; it wasn't) it processes, gives the green check marks, then flashes back to static and complete unresponsiveness.

I don't know if the error is with my device, some specific component of it, or my television. I assume the latter because my tv is a bit on the old side but I don't have another tv to test it on. Any insight is appreciated because I obviously don't want to replace my otherwise working tv for the sake of this Roku, but I'll consider it if there's no other option. If it helps, my tv is Insignia brand. Thanks in advance.

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