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Re: ROKU ULTRA Distorted Sound

@RokuTannerD  - Please, this is a poor response.  I understand you're trying to troubleshoot, but from reading the various forums (both on the Roku community and Reddit) this has been going on for many MONTHS and possibly a year.  I am a long time user and lover of Roku (and shareholder) and every player and RokuTV I have bought up until now has been great.  (Have purchased 7 for me and family).  The latest Ultra is a dud.  This is CLEARLY a firmware problem and you guys need to put energy into finding and fixing the root cause.  For me, it happens on EVERY streaming channel (now) including at a minimum:  Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Youtube TV and Plex.  Does not happen on my Roku 3 or my TCL Roku TV on any streaming channel.  I can swap my Roku 3 for my Ultra on the exact same TV + Soundbar + HDMI cable and the problem does not occur - ever.  I have tried every combination of sound and HDMI setup I can find in the Roku Ultra settings and none of them have a lasting effect.  Making a sound setting modification in a single streaming channel is a waste of time since the problem occurs on all services.  It's your firmware.  You need to fix it - and soon - or you risk alienating your formerly loyal user community.  I for one bought mine on Amazon a month ago and I am seriously considering returning it and getting the latest FireTV. That would be a shame after years of great Roku service. How about this for your next post: "We at Roku acknowledge this problem and are working hard to isolate the root cause and fix it. For now the best work around is...."